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Date Competition Event Country City File
08 October 2018 2018 LAPUA European Cup 300m Final Croatia Zagreb Download File
05 October 2018 2018 European Cup 25m - the Final SP-CFP Portugal Lisboa Download File
30 July 2018 European Championship Shotgun SH Austria Leobersdorf Download File
11 July 2018 28th Meeting of the Shooting Hopes R-P Czech Republic Plzeň Download File
28 June 2018 2018 European Cup 25m & 300m - the third qualification round SP-CFP Finland Lahti Download File
08 June 2018 SIUS EYL West Region Qualification Round R-P Austria Innsbruck Download File
08 June 2018 2018 European Cup 25m - the second qualification round SP-CFP Denmark Århus Download File
08 May 2018 300m Lapua European Cup Denmark Århus Download File
27 April 2018 2018 European Cup 25m - the first qualification round SP-CFP Germany Suhl Download File
12 April 2018 SIUS EYL North Region Qualification Poland Wrocław Download File
07 April 2018 11th APRIL 6th International Air Rifle Competition R Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Download File
16 February 2018 European Championships R-P-RT Hungary Györ Download File
04 February 2018 The Cyprus Grand Prix T-DT-S Cyprus Nicosia Download File
19 January 2018 MEYTON CUP Austria Innsbruck Download File