ESC General Assemblies

XXVII General Assembly of the European Shooting Confederation

30 September 2019
President's report 22,98 Mb Download
Letter of the ESC President to MFs as of August 5th, 2019 100,58 Kb Download
Registration Form 136,5 Kb Download
Delegates and observers form 116,5 Kb Download
Warrant of attorney form 115,5 Kb Download
Visa Support Form 288,88 Kb Download
Events Schedule 92,58 Kb Download
Agenda 132,63 Kb Download
Minutes of the XXVI Ordinary General Assembly, Baku, Azerbaijan 413,31 Kb Download
President's Activity Report 125,3 Kb Download
Report of the ESC Presidium 2017-2019 140,05 Kb Download
Treasurer's report 58,5 Kb Download
2017 ESC Balance 91,13 Kb Download
2018 Balance Preliminary 76,6 Kb Download
Auditor's report 373,73 Kb Download
2019 Budget Preliminary 89,25 Kb Download
Vacant European Championships 55,31 Kb Download
Applications for the European Championships 57,16 Kb Download
Application of the Austria Shooting Fed. Clay Target and Combined 685,37 Kb Download
Application of the Cyprus Shooting Sport Federation 896,28 Kb Download
Application of the Estonian Shooting Sport Federation 1,32 Mb Download
Application of the Norwegian Shooting Association 1,95 Mb Download
Organizing Committee Information Form for ESC Championships 165,69 Kb Download
Duty Sheet I - Rifle, Pistol & Running Target European Championships 69 Kb Download
Duty Sheet Il — Shotgun European Championships 59,62 Kb Download
Host Federation Agreement 194,89 Kb Download
Guidelines for organizing ESC Championships 1,07 Mb Download
Application form for the European Championship Shotgun 263,85 Kb Download
Application form for the European Championship 10m 265,04 Kb Download
Application form for the European Championship 25m, 50m, 300m, RT, Shotgun 267,54 Kb Download
Secretary General's letter as of June 18th, 2019 97,18 Kb Download
President's letter as of April 4th, 2019 70,42 Kb Download