26 July 2017 Shcherbatsevich won his second gold Today it was turn of the Rifle 3 Position Men Competition. In the Qualification the best was Belarussian Yury Shcherbatsevich (1165). Others who solved from the Qualification their place were following athletes: Croatian Petar Gorsa (1158), Bulgarian Anton Rizov (1157), Austrian Alexander Schirl (1157), Hungarian Istvan Peni (1157). Norwegian Odd Arne Brekne(1156), Ukrainian Serhiy Kulish and Finnish Juho Kurki (1154). Read more
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  • 26 July 2017 Trap Men & Men Junior. Day 1. The Trap Men and Men Juniors started their game today 26th July. The weather was as nice as it has been all the time: temperature only 28-29C but the wind is as strong as it has been all time, probably even stronger. Read more
  • 26 July 2017 New team competition in Trap Women was a super success The ESC has taken seriously the IOC 2020 programme and wants to be forerunner in developing shooting sport more exciting and more attractive where the spectators and also athletes feel the real sports spirit and where they can feel the feeling of three musketeers; one for each, each for one. Read more
  • 25 July 2017 Nepejchal's triumph in Rifle 3 Positions Men Junior The Rifle 3 Positions Men Junior Competition was a great Triumph of Filip Nepejchal. His beginning was very difficult. After the Kneeling he was only on the 6th place. At prone he did not look going well at all while he dropped to 7th place at final. But when the last position (standing) started he started to turn also in different direction. Slowly but surely he was acting like a hunting puma who has seen an antelope. Read more