15 October 2018 The ISSF Electronic Scoring Target Course organised in Tallinn Estonia Sixteen participants from six federations (Latvia 1, Estonia 5, Denmark 4, Sweden 2, Finland 3 and Israel 1) had nearly blood, sweat and tears or at least deep breaths and sighs when sitting four days (11-14.10.2018) in the meeting room of hotel Centennial in Tallinn Estonia during the ISSF Electronic Scoring Target (EST) Course. Read more
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  • 15 October 2018 Meelis Kiisk and Annika Sihvonen won the 10th Mati Mark Memorial Competition 2018 Many friends of shooting sport will remember Mati Mark well. Mati was the ESC treasurer and vice president for many years. Mati Mark was also a person who organised the ISSF rulebook translation into Russian language. Read more
  • 10 October 2018 The 2019 European Championship in Italy is under threat again It took a lot of effort from the ESC Presidium to overcome difficulties with organization of the 2019 European Championship in Italy that were due to the crisis of power in the two Member Federations. Only after several months of intensive negotiations and direct appeals to Mr. Giovanni Malago, President of CONI (NOC of Italy), the ESC managed to obtain suitable solutions for different disciplines and sign the Host Federation Agreements. Read more
  • 08 October 2018 Vladimir Lisin meets Thomas Bach Vladimir Lisin, the ESC President and candidate for the position of the ISSF President, had a meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the IOC President Thomas Bach. Read more