18 February 2018 Glory for Gloria Györ woke up a little bit misty, landscape have changed his color to white. It had snowed a little bit during the night, temperature – 3 C only. Traffic on the street was surprisingly active. Audi Aréna woke up quickly, when athletes and coaches rushed to their rooms and range. Read more
Latest news
  • 18 February 2018 Maximillian made maximum Sunday’s second competition and final was the 10m Air Rifle Men Youth. It was an excellent shooting show from young athletes. It looked quite long time that the winner would be the Russian Grigorii Shamakov but in the last competition shot German Maximillian Ulbrich made an excellent 10.4 hit when Shamakov managed to hit only 9.8. It meant that they both had the same result 247.1, and the shoot-off was a reality. Read more
  • 18 February 2018 Jason Solari was the strongest in 10m Air Pistol Men Youth Swiss Jason Solari won the 10m Air Pistol Men Youth competition in Györ. At same time he won a quota place to Italy. Solari was the last who reached the final place from the Qualification. This final showed once again that it is necessary firstly to reach the final place and the final is then another new competition. So it was also today. Read more
  • 18 February 2018 Anastasiia Dereviagina was superior in 10m Air Rifle Women Youth finals The last competition of the first competition day was the 10m Air Rifle Women Youth competition. There were 44 athletes who competed from three last YOG quota places in Györ. The best of the qualification was Italian Sofia Benetti with the result of 416.9. Russian Anastasia Deregeviagina was second only 0.4 points behind. The next final place winners were Estonian Sigrit Juhkam, Czech Karolina Brabkova, Russian Polina Bolotkova, French Marine Jeannot, Hungarian Lalita Gaspar and Polish Zuzanna Wiktoria Bober. Read more