25 July 2017 Nepejchal's triumph in Rifle 3 Positions Men Junior The Rifle 3 Positions Men Junior Competition was a great Triumph of Filip Nepejchal. His beginning was very difficult. After the Kneeling he was only on the 6th place. At prone he did not look going well at all while he dropped to 7th place at final. But when the last position (standing) started he started to turn also in different direction. Slowly but surely he was acting like a hunting puma who has seen an antelope. Read more
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  • 25 July 2017 Sukhanov won gold in 25m rapid fire pistol men The 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men was duel of two excellent pistol shooter: Russian Nikita Sukhanov and Estonian Peeter Olesk. In the final these two stepped nearly with the same hits. If the other managed to make 5 hits, so did the other. If other missed one more than the other, in next serie he corrected it immediately. Finally Sukhanov was sharper (5 hits) and took the win. When asking his shooting he only said that he was lucky and succeeded a little better than Olesk (2 hits). Sukhanov won Olesk at the final 33-30. Read more
  • 25 July 2017 Women Trap ended to the Victory dance of Arianna Perilli in Baku The Women Trap was an excellent competition with excellent athletes. The athletes made a good show which finally finished to the shoot off between Arianna Perilli from San Marino and Russian Ekaterina Rabaya when shooting both 37 hits. Finally Arianna Perilli managed to one more clay and won Rabaya 4-3 in shoot off. The Bronze medal travelled to Finland with Bejing Olympic Gold medallist Satu Mäkelä Nummela. Read more
  • 24 July 2017 THE 2017 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP IS UNDER WAY The 2017 European Championship in Baku has started with 939 participants from 43 countries. 1373 starts are expected not counting the gender Mixed Team events in Trap, Skeet and 300m shooting. Read more