2019 Lapua European Cup 25m Pistol started in Suhl

02 May 2019

2019 Lapua European Cup 25m Pistol started in Suhl

The Lapua European Cup 25m Pistol started in Suhl. The second competition of the Lapua Cup will be competed in Århus, Denmark, third – In Tallinn, Estonia. The fourth competition will be competed in Thun, Switzerland and the final in Châteauroux, France. There are 24 athletes form eight countries in Suhl.

The first event in Suhl was Center Fire Pistol and it finished with the double victory of Germans. Torben Engel was the best with result 581 and his team mate Stephan Trippel second with result of 578. Bronze medal winner Allan Gejl (DEN) won with result 577. French Alban Pierson and Patrice Duviel shot both 574, but Pierson had more inter tens (20) than Duviel (13) and he took the fourth place. Pierson and Duviel earned the place for finals with Engel and Trippel. Gelj had already achieved the final place while he was on the podium at the 2018 Finals.

French Kevin Chapon won the 25m Standard Pistol in Suhl

French Kevin Chapon had the luck to climb up to the highest podium place in the second event of the 2019 Lapua European Cup 25m Pistol in Suhl. Chapon was on Saturday sixth, but today he managed best of all with result 568. The winner of silver medal was again German Stephan Trippel (565). The team mate of Chapon Alban Pierson was the bronze medal, but his team mate Patrice Duviel made the same result, but lost the podium place with the difference of inner tens. Pierson made 11 and Duviel 7 inner tens.

The final places received Chapon, Trippel, Duviel and Micael Schleuter(GER) who was fifth in Suhl. French Pierson had received the places for finals already by being on podium in the 2018 finals.

Center Fire Pistol Results:
1. ENGEL Torben ,GER - 581
2. TRIPPEL Stephan, GER 578
3. GEJL Allan, DEN 577
4. PIERSON Alban, FRA 574 (20x)
5. DUVIEL Patrice, FRA 574 (13x)
6. CHAPON Kevin , FRA 573
7. SCHLEUTER Michael, GER 570
8. SLOEN Silvano, NED 569
9. KIEFER Frank, FRA 568 (17x)
10. NILSSON Mikael, SWE 568 (16x)
11. DANIELSSON Jan Olof, SWE 567
12. BERGIERS Sebastien, BEL 566
13. TRUELSON Jan, DEN 566
14. TKALEC Peter, SLO 563
15. LANDEBRING Håkan, SWE 559 (12x)
16. SERVAIS Denis, BEL 559 (12x)
17. SÖRENSEN Niesl Holger, DEN 558
18. FJELD Ole Henning 557
19. DEROUAUX Jean-Marc, BEL 551 (10x)
20. BERLET Torsten, GER 551 (9x)
21. TYYNELÄ Pasi, SWE 550
22. KLOK Ed, NED 549
23. KRABB Niklas, SWE 541
24. RENER Rudolf, SLO 535

Standard Pistol Results:
1. CHAPON Kevin FRA 568
2. TRIPPEL Stephan GER 565
3. PIERSON Alban FRA 562 (11x)
4. DUVIEL Patrice FRA 562 (7x)
5. SCHLEUTER Michael GER 560
6. LANDEBRING Håkan SWE 559 (13x)
7. KRABB Niklas SWE 559 (12x)
8. TRUELSON Jan DEN 559 (11x)
9. GEJL Allan DEN 557
10. NILSSON Mikael SWE 556
11. DANIELSSON Jan Olof SWE 555
12. SERVAIS Denis BEL 554
13. TKALEC Peter SLO 553
14. KIEFER Frank FRA 551
15. ENGEL Torben GER 550
16. DEROUAUX Jean-Marc BEL 549
17. FJELD Ole Henning NOR 548
18. FRIBERG Mats SWE 545
19. BERLET Torsten GER 543
20. SÖRENSEN Niesl Holger DEN 539
21. BERGIERS Sebastien BEL 537
22. TYYNELÄ Pasi SWE 532
23. RENER Rudolf SLO 524
24. KLOK Ed NED 514


Risto Aarrekivi

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