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Amazing gold for Teixeira in trap men junior

Filipe Andre Da Silva Teixeira is a 17 year old young man who had been training for 3 year in trap shooting. This journey was his second journey out of Portugal. The first was this year to Suhl. This was of course his first European Championship, but what a result – gold immediately.

“I’m ever so happy. I couldn’t even think about that something like this can happen to me. This is so unbelievable. Of course I would like to go to Granada for the World Championship and to be on the podium, but let’s see what will happen. I have so many years still that I can’t say anything for sure, Olympic Games – well so far away, but naturally”, described his feelings the new Champion Da Silva Teixeira.

Filipe Andre Da Silva Teixeira was the third in the qualifications, but in the semi-finals he showed his real shooting skill and missed only one target from 15. So he cleared way directly to gold match.

The semi-finals were exciting while there were needed two shoot offs – one for the gold and one for the bronze. The Italian Luca Miotto won the shoot off against Slovakian tall Michal Slamka 1-0 and entered the gold match. They both have received 12 targets.

For bronze match Pavel Vanek(CZE) entered by beating David Barquero in shoot off ( both 11) 5-4. The sixth was Josef Navratil (CZE) in the finals.

In the bronze match Pavel Vanek had nearly a perfect day. He missed only once, in the last target. Michal Slamka missed 5 targets. So it was quite easy match for Vanek, he won it 14-9.

In the gold match Da Silva Teixeira shot well also, 6 first perfect shots, when Miotto missed 3rd, 4th and 5th targets. Da Silva Teixeira missed in only third but Miotto made triple fail in 12th,13th 14th targets. The rest was triumph of Da Silva Teixeira.

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