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The Europeans demonstrated high class shooting at the ISSF World Championship in Changwon

The European shooters have confirmed their high class at the 52nd ISSF World Championship in Changwon, Korea. Athletes from 18 countries of our continent won the champion's title. Out of 60 Olympic Quota Places disputed in Changwon, 35 were won by the Europeans.

There were 102 events in the program of the 52nd ISSF World Championship. Athletes from 36 nations became medal winners and 25 of those are from Europe. The most successful country among them was Russia (37 medals, 9 gold) followed by Germany (17 medals, 7 gold), Italy (16 medals, 7 gold), Ukraine (12 medals, 3 gold), Sweden (10 medals, 4 gold), France (8 medals, 4 gold) and Norway (8 medals, 3 gold).

Shooters from Finland, Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Denmark, Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Turkey also managed to conquer the World Champion's title. Athletes from Belarus, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Hungary, Serbia and Switzerland ascended the podium.

Besides medals and titles, 60 Quota Places for the 2020 Olympic Games were disputed in Changwon: 48 Quotas in 12 individual events (4 in each) and 12 Quotas in 3 Mixed Team events (for the two best Mixed Teams in each event). Athletes from 13 European nations have won 27 Quotas in individual events and 8 - in Mixed Team events!

Russia is leading the Olympic Qualification with 6 individual and 6 Mixed Team Quotas. On the second position among the European countries is Slovakia with 3 individual and 2 Mixed Team Quotas. Croatia is next with 3 individual Quotas. Norway, Ukraine, France, Italy and Germany have two Quotas each, while Poland, Spain, Great Britain, Greece and Serbia - one.

The other nations that have a guarantee of participation in the 2020 Olympic Games are China (6 individual and 4 Mixed Team Quotas), Korea (5 individual Quotas). USA (4 individual Quotas), Australia and India (2 individual Quotas each), Kuwait and Chinese Taipei (1 individual Quota each).

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