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Skeet Team Finals: Czech Republic, Italy and Slovakia took gold

Four gold medal matches in Skeet Team finals and three nations won the gold medal. They were Czech Republic with two golds, and Italy and Slovakia, both one.

Sunday was the second last day of memorable and exciting the European Championship Shotgun. It was a day of the Skeet Team finals (QF-SF-MM).

The top eight teams (3 members each team) in the Men, Women, Men Junior and Women Junior categories, after the qualification stage competed in a final stage with Quarter Final, Semi Final and two Medal Matches, to decide the European Championship top 3 teams (Gold, Silver, Bronze) in each category.

In each stage was shot a round of 20 targets (each team total of 60 targets). A total of nine nations were represented in the Skeet Medal Matches.


After the qualification the top eight teams were France (366), Italy (365), Great Britain (363), Cyprus (362), Sweden (362), Czech Republic (360), Denmark (359) and Estonia (358). There were a total of 19 teams in Skeet Men.

Czech Republic took the European Championship after hitting 58 targets. France lost by 5 points, finishing with the result of 53, and they got the silver medal. After 30 targets the score was for Czech Republic 29-27, and when 48 targets were shot, Czech Republic was leading by three points.

Cyprus and Denmark were in the bronze medal match. The result was 55-52, for Cyprus, who took the third place, and Denmark finished the fourth.


There were eight teams in Skeet Women team competition. The ranking after the qualification was Italy (352), Slovakia (347), Czech Republic (346), Cyprus (345), Russia (341), Great Britain (341), Poland (333) and Germany (321).

Italy and Slovakia met in the gold medal match. The score was 39-39 after 42 targets. Six targets more and the score was 44-43 for Slovakia. But Italy did not give up. They finished well and won the European Championship with a result of 55-52.

It was a close match between Russia and Czech Republic in the bronze medal game. Russia won by three points (52-49).

Men Junior

There were nine teams in Skeet Men Junior. After the qualification Cyprus was on the top with the result of 360. It was followed by Czech Republic (358), Italy (355) and Russia (354). Germany was the fifth (352), Great Britain the sixth (343) and Finland the seventh (335). Sweden hit 332 targets and was the eighth before Malta (313).

Czech Republic did well in the gold medal match against Germany. They had a one point lead after 30 targets (26-25) and a three point lead after 48 targets (44-41). The last station and the final result was 54-49 for Czech Republic.

Cyprus and Great Britain were in the bronze medal match. Cyprus had a solid lead through the match, and after 60 targets the score was 53-49.

Women Junior

After the qualification the ranking of the five teams was: Russia (336), Germany (336), Slovakia (322), Italy (310) and Czech Republic (309).

Slovakia beat Russia in the gold medal match by six points. The result was 51-45. The match started as a close game (11-11), but after 30 targets Slovakia was leading by 7 points and by 8 points after 42 targets.

In the bronze medal match Germany beat Italy after an exciting match by two points, 45-43. Italy missed the last two targets.

The ECH in Lonato finishes on Monday with the competition of Skeet Mixed Team (M-W-MJ-WJ).

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

Lassi Palo

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