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A great finish in Skeet Mixed Team - Goodbye, European Championship Shotgun and Lonato!

It was the last competition day of the European Championship Shotgun, and it is time to say goodbye – again – to the beautiful shooting range in Lonato. Memorable ECH finished with the excellent competition of Skeet Mixed Team.

In the qualification of Skeet Mixed Team each team shot a total of 150 targets (each athlete 75 targets). After the qualification the top four teams in both categories qualified to compete in the final stage (Medal Matches). Teams in places 1 and 2 qualified for the Gold/Silver Medal Match, and teams in places 3 and 4 qualified for the Bronze Medal Match.

Like in Trap Mixed Team, we can say again: what a day this was! Excellent shooting and exciting medal matches!

After the qualification and the shoot off the top four teams in Skeet Mixed Team were Russia 2 (147), France 1 (144), Czech Republic 1 (143) and Great Britain 2 (142).

Germany and Ukraine, who also hit 142 targets in the qualification, lost the shoot off to Great Britain. Great Britain hit two targets in the shoot off, Germany and Ukraine 1.

In the Medal Matches each athlete shot 20 targets, a total of 40 targets each team.

Russia 2 took the European Championship after hitting 38 targets in the gold medal match. France´s result was 32, and they got the silver medal. Zilia Batyrshina – Nikolay Teplyy was in a 19-17 lead after 20 targets. After 28 targets their lead was 3 points, and before the last station 6 points (31-25). The shooters of the France Team were Lucie Anastassiou – Anthony Terras.

Great Britain (Ben Llewellin – Amber Hill) took the third place after winning Czech Republic 1 (Jakub Tomecek – Barbora Sumova) 37-34. After 20 targets Great Britain was in the 2 point lead (19-17).

Skeet Mixed Team Junior

The ranking after the qualification in Skeet Mixed Team Junior was Germany 1 (143), Russia 2 (139), Slovakia (138) and Cyprus (138).

Germany (Christopher Honkomp – Eva-Tamara Reichert) was leading the gold medal match after 20 targets 18-15, and when 32 targets were shot, Russia 2 (Andrei Danilenkov – Elizaveta Evgrafova) was 1 point behind (26-27).

The last station and the last targets: 33-33. It looked like the Juniors didn´t want to go home: it was a time for a shoot off in the last competition of the ECH. Finally, Germany won the shoot off 2-1.

The Bronze Match was exciting too: Cyprus (Anastasia Eleftheriou – Petros Englezoudis) and Slovakia (Ladislav Nemeth – Vanesa Hockova) were even after 28 targets (24-24). After the last targets the difference was one point – for Cyprus. Cyprus won the bronze medal with the result of 35-34.

Now it´s time to say goodbye to ECH and Lonato. Memorable competitions together with a beautiful and sunny weather – after some rainy days in the beginning – made it great again at Trap Concaverde Shooting Range. Thank you, Lonato!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

Lassi Palo

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