Skeet Juniors started Shotgun part

25 May 2021 — Views: 236

Skeet Juniors started Shotgun part

On Tuesday the Shotgun athletes started their job to fight of the hour.

The Skeet Juniors started the competition. On first day the athletes shoot 75 clays.

In Skeet Junior men Kleanthis Varnavides (CYP) is on the top place (74), but Italian Christian Ghilli is only one clay behind.(73). Jerzy Kasper Baksalary (POL) is third with result 72.

In Skeet Women Junior Italian Sara Bongini has the top place with result 70. On the following places you will find two Russian athletes: Arina Kutznesova is second with result 68 and her team mate Anna Zhadnova has broken 67 clays.

Skeet will continue on tomorrow.

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

Risto Aarrekivi

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