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Successful ESC Technical Committee Meeting was organised in Bordeaux

The ESC Technical Committee Meeting was organised by the Chairwoman Ghislaine Briez and French Shooting Sport Federation on the 9th-11th November in Bordeaux France. There were twenty participants all together from all four discipline groups. The ESC Presidium Member Anna Leshchikova and the Chairman of the ESC Press and Promotion Committee were invited to participate at the meeting.

One of the main issues were the Jury members in to the 2019 Championships and also the new organising structure of the European Championships. The participants agreed that the European Championship in 25-50 m pistol, 50- 300m rifle and 50 m running target will be organised in every year like it is in Shotgun and 10m Championships. The team competition rule was discussed and finalized. Ghislaine Briez will send the all proposals to the ESC Presidium for the final decision.

Anna Leshchikova spoke about the Importance of the quality of the TV and video production. She also pointed out that it is important that the TV picture presents a nice and beautiful final range as of a Shooting theatre showing the competition development which is easy to understand and which intrigues with its success and drama. She reminded also that there should be simple and clear result graphics in TV, simple rules, so that the programme will be easy to watch and it would arise the interest of the viewer. The importance of the dress-code of athletes, referees becomes one of the image-making issue in the sport presentation and we’ll have to work over it.

"When we have good and interesting TV products, they will bring us more fans, young new athletes making our sport more interesting for sponsors. Let’s open our minds to the reality and think together how we can succeed in the modern world among the other sports", reminded Anna Leshchikova.

The Chairman of the ESC Press and Promotion Committee Risto Aarrekivi pointed out the common goal and vision in his presentation. When everybody knows the goal and vision, it is easier to act.

"We need more common conversation and it is important that we have all groups (athletes, sponsors, TV, judges etc) among, when we are developing our sport. That is why all the committee meetings would be organised in same time and place in the future", he pointed out.

Risto Aarrekivi spoke also about the branding of the championship and its finals. He used as an example the Lapua European Cup Pistol 25m and Rifle 300m, in which ammunition company Nammo Lapua acts as a title and main sponsor.

The new Shotgun European Cup was also on agenda, it will be tested first time in next summer. This Cup will start with full speed in 2020.

The 10m Air Cup home range competition has doubled its number of the participants during two last years.

"The development has been managed well and the popularity has increased. There were participants already from fifteen (15) countries and more than 125 clubs who were participating in the Air Cup last year. The number of participating clubs and athletes will increase still when we have also Running Target with us", explained Patrick Johansson who is charge of that process.

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