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The weather conditions coincided with today's event

It was quite cloudy in the morning here in Osijek. But closer to the start of the Mixed Team Finals, the sun came out, and it became really warm! So the sky today was mixed as well.

The Bronze medal match was represented by English athletes only: Nathan Hales and Lucy Charlotte Hall competed against Aaron Heading and Ellie Seward.

The first two rounds were taken by H&H. In the third round both teams shot the same number of targets meaning each team got one point.

In the fourth round Hales and Hall completed their way to victory with a difference on 1 clay making the final score 7-1 and taking Golds.

The Gold medal match was extremely exciting and not in such English calm way. Erik Varga and Zuzana Rehák-Štefečeková from Slovakia met Massimo Fabbrizi and Jessica Rossi from Italy.

In the first two rounds there was a tie, and the score was 2-2. The third round was for Italy: 2-4. Varga and Rehák-Štefečeková shot the fourth round perfectly and took it with a difference of just 1 target!

In the fifth round both teams missed one clay each, and the shoot-off began.

There was a technical issue with trap machines, and that’s why the shoot-off started in about 10 minutes. It’s hard to imagine athletes’ feelings and, perhaps, agitation.

Slovaks started shooting first and missed both targets. Fabbrizi was first to shoot and hit his target, and it was enough to obtain Golden medals.

The Italian invasion continues! Congratulations!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

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