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New World Records in Skeet Women

The Qualification of Skeet Women ended in a tie. All the six athletes who got through to the Semifinal had the result of 70 points. Cigdem Ozyaman from Turkey, Panagiota Andreou from Cyprus, Katiuscia Spada from Italy, Christine Wenzel from Germany, Danka Bartekova from Slovakia and Chiara Cainero from Italy were among them.

The Turkish Ozyaman and the Italian Cainero were the two best athletes of the Semifinal who made it to the Gold Match, both receiving 15 points. The German Wenzel and the Slovakian Bartekova went through to the Bronze Match. Bartekova needed a shoot-off, in which she beat the Italian Spada.

In the Gold Match Chiara Cainero gave no chance to Ozyaman and won the European Championship 14-12. In the Bronze Match the competitors finished with the equal result of 13 points. In the shoot-off Bartekova was the winner again.

Italy became the gold winner of the team competition with the new world and European record result of 206 points. The team consisted of Chiara Cainero (70 points), Katiuscia Spada (70 points) and Diana Bacosi (66 points). Great Britain (205 points) became the winner of the silver medal and Slovakia (202 points) ranked third.

In Skeet Women Junior Natalia Vinogradova from the Russian Federation became the gold winner. In the Gold Match she beat the German Nadine Messerschmidt 13-12. In the Bronze Match Iryna Malovichko from Ukraine defeated the Italian Chiara Di Marziantonio 14-10. 

In junior team competition the Russian Federation and Ukraine finished with the new world and European record of 189 points. The Czech Republic ranked third with the result of 187 points.

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