The new Technical Committee will be elected in Baku in October

07 July 2021 — Views: 402

The new Technical Committee will be elected in Baku in October

The period of the ESC Technical Committee will finish in October 2021 after General Assembly, when the new members will be elected in Baku. The current Committee had the last meeting on Tuesday (6th July).

The Chairwoman Mrs. Ghislaine Briez thanked in the end of the meeting all the current members for good work and reminded that committee places are not honorary places. - We need still working hands and feet in the future, Briez said.

The applications for the Committee and Presidium candidates must be sent to ESC Headquarters latest 21st of July.

Air Cup Super Final participations must be confirmed before 1st of August

The ESC Technical Committee reminds that the clubs and athletes have time until the 1st of August to confirm their participation of the Super Final.

The Super Final will be competed over the weekend of 9-10th October; on Saturday 9th October will be Air Rifle Men and Air Pistol Women finals and on Sunday 10th October Air Rifle Women and Air Pistol Men finals. The Super Final is an online internet competition for the eight best qualified athletes.

The Technical committee reminds that if they have not received the participation confirmation from the qualified athletes, the committee will invite the athlete who is next highest on the result list.

The Air Cup sponsors, Carl Walther and Capapie will award the winners with their products (air pistols, air rifles, rifle suits, shoes etc). All finalists will be awarded by Capapie products too.

Châteauroux in focus

The 25m Pistol Lapua European Cup is running well. The second round will be organized during the coming weekend in Estonia. There will be participants from seven countries, also athletes who are going to Tokyo Olympic Games.

The 25m Pistol Lapua European Cup will be competed in Châteauroux on 17-19th September. There will be two Finals, first the 2020 Finals, which were rescheduled due to the COVID-19 and then the 2021 Finals.

Châteauroux will be also the center where the Running Target World and European Championships will take place just after the Lapua European Cup. The Running Target in Châteauroux session will be finished on the 6th of October.

Youth League Championship will start again

The European Youth League Championship Pistol and Rifle will start again after one year. There will be regional qualifications and the Final will be organized in Budapest in October 2022.

European Youth League training camp for Shotgun is also on the working list. That will take place on 2022.

Risto Aarrekivi

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# Bergsvein Baardstu  11 Jul 2021

It is a pity that the final of the ESC cup is added to the same time period as the World Championships for juniors in Peru. We have three finalists who in all probability can qualify for this championship. The juniors have been very affected by Convid-19 and it is a pity that they can miss the final in ESC. This seems like a bad planning from the organizers. Hope this can be changed.