Victory for Finnish Juho Kurki and the Swiss Team in 300m Standard Rifle at Aarhus Denmark

19 August 2021 — Views: 399

Victory for Finnish Juho Kurki and the Swiss Team in 300m Standard Rifle at Aarhus Denmark

The last Qualification round of the Lapua European Cup 300m Rifle before the final started in Aarhus Denmark with the 300m Standard Rifle 3x20.

The weather conditions of the first were not the easiest one, because of the strong wind. The wind was rounding at the range even the Shooting Centre is 20m below sea level.

The winner of the competition was Finnish Juho Kurki with result of 587(197+197+193). Kurki was even superior, while he won Swedish Karl Olsson (584) with the difference of three points. Olsson won the silver medal with the number of inner tens. Olsson had 22 when polish Tomascz Bartink received 18 inner tens. Fourth was Swiss Pascal Bachmann who shot also 584, but he had only 16 inner tens.

- It was nice to win after so long time. I managed well with my tactic. It was not easy to shoot in this wind, but my result was enough good, sighed Juho Kurki after the competition.

Switzerland won the team competition

Switzerland was the best team. Swiss team was superior by beating Finland with ten (10) points (1734). The Victory result was 1744.The bronze medal team was Poland with result 1714.

300m Standard Rifle 3x20:
1. KURKI Juho FIN 587 (197+197+193)
2. OLSSON Karl SWE 584 (22x)
3. BARTNIK Tomascz POL 584 (18x)
4. BACHMANN Pascal SUI 584 (16x)
5. OLSEN Steffen DEN 583 (25x)
6. GUIGNARD Silvia SUI 583 (19x)
7. LEPPÄ Aleksi FIN 583 (13x) (195+198+190)
8. GREUTER Sandro SUI 581 (24x)
9. MARKOJA Robert SLO 581 (18x)
10. DUFAUX Gilles SUI 580
11. ÅHLIN Elin SWE 579
12. BEREUTER Rafael SUI 578
13. KOVALCZYK Karolina POL 572
14. VATNE TOVSETH Jenny NOR 571 (15x)
15. DÜNKI Sascha SUI 571 (10x)
16. OLSEN Johnny DEN 568
17. PUHAKKA Antti FIN 564 (9x) (188+198+180)
18. KOSKELA Riku FIN 565 (9x) (191+191+182)
19. ZISKO Dusan SLO 562
20. KUHARIC Urska SLO 560
21. BURDA Andrzej POL 558
22. PEDERSEN Jesper DEN 556
23. NIELSEN Mads B. DEN 522

Photo by Marko Leppä

Risto Aarrekivi

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