ESC - Results

We recognize several shooting events, some of which have Olympic status. They are divided into four disciplines: Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and Running Target.

Date Competition Event Country City File
09.10.2019 25m Lapua European Cup - The Final CFP-SP France Châteauroux Results Book
08.10.2019 300m Lapua European Cup - The Final R France Châteauroux Results Book
03.10.2019 European Youth League Championship Final R-P Hungary Budapest Results Book
22.09.2019 European Championship 300m R Italy Tolmezzo Results Book
12.09.2019 European Championship 25m/50m R-P Italy Bologna Results Book
12.09.2019 14th European Deaf Shooting Championships R-P Russia Moscow Region Results Book
03.09.2019 European Championship Shotgun SH Italy Lonato Results Book
14.08.2019 25m Lapua European Cup - The fourth qualification round CFP-SP Switzerland Thun Results Book
13.08.2019 300m Lapua European Cup R Switzerland Thun Results Book
17.07.2019 300m Lapua European Cup R Finland Lahti Results Book
08.07.2019 European Championship RT Hungary Gyenesdiás Results Book
05.07.2019 25m Lapua European Cup - The third qualification round CFP-SP Estonia Tallinn Results Book
14.06.2019 II European Games R-P-SH Belarus Minsk Results Book
17.05.2019 European Youth League Championship East Region R-P Serbia Novi Sad Results Book
14.05.2019 300m Lapua European Cup R Denmark Aarhus Results Book
10.05.2019 European Youth League Championship West Region Qualification Round Switzerland Magglingen Results Book
26.04.2019 25m Lapua European Cup - The first qualification round CFP-SP Germany Suhl Results Book
18.04.2019 European Youth League Championship North Region Qualification Round Denmark Århus Results Book
06.04.2019 12th APRIL 6th International Air Rifle competition R Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Results Book
03.04.2019 Spring Cup R-P Poland Wrocław Results Book
26.03.2019 VII GRAND PRIX Józef Zapędzki RFP Poland Wrocław Results Book
15.03.2019 2019 European Championship 10m, Osijek, Croatia R-P-RT Croatia Osijek Results Book
13.02.2019 9th Grand Prix of France 2019 R-P France Fleury-les-Aubrais Results Book
30.01.2019 InterShoot 42 - 2019 R-P the Netherlands the Hague Results Book
23.01.2019 H&N CUP R-P Germany Munich Results book
18.01.2019 Meyton Cup R-P Austria Innsbruck Results Book
11.01.2019 25th International Air Gun Competition Ruše 2019 R-P Slovenia Ruše Results Book
10.01.2019 GP Pilsen Air Weapons R-P-RT Czech Republic Plzen Results Book