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Address of the ESC President to the Member Federations

Dear Colleagues and Friends! Now, when the list of the nominations for candidates to the ISSF elective positions at the forthcoming General Assembly in Munich has been completed, it is appropriate time to request all of you become part of the team that, in case of my election as President, will undertake the responsibility of managing successfully all the ISSF activities for further development, growth and build out of the Olympic shooting worldwide during the next four years.

The same way, as all of you have taken active part and constructive role in the positive transformations that we as a family have achieved within the European Shooting Confederation since 2009.

Let me shortly recall some of our collective achievements in this period:

  1. The ESC has become a legal entity registered in Switzerland.
  2. The decision making process and the activity of the Confederation are totally transparent.
  3. The finances are under strict control. The Budget and the Balance are approved by the Presidium and the General Assembly. The Audit is done on a yearly basis. The Swiss Tax Office controls and approves the Financial Statements every year.
  4. The ESC Constitution has been revised and is now corresponding to the current realities and aspirations of the Member Federations.
  5. We have established a hard working Presidium.
  6. The President’s activity Reports are in the Agenda of each Presidium meeting and that of the General Assembly, thereby ensuring that your elected leader is accountable and regularly reporting as such to the supreme body of the Confederation.
  7. In a move to be proactively more inclusive and gender equal, women are represented in all our elective bodies with a minimum of two.
  8. The Administrative costs have been reduced to minimal despite the huge volume of work and programs undertaken.
  9. The ESC capital increased considerably. From €369.113,87 on 31.12.2009 to €654.919,49 on 31.12.2017.
  10. The concept of the “Shooting Theatre” has been introduced at all European Championships in a move to make the shooting competitions enjoyable not only for our athletes and officials but for the visiting public and the TV audience as well.
  11. The ESC created and was the first to include in the official program the Mixed Team events both in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun. This initiative played a very important role and hugely contributed to the ISSF in its efforts to ensure the continuance of 15 Olympic events and their inclusion in the program of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.
  12. Shooting was included in the program of the European Games.
  13. The money ESC receives from the European Olympic Committees for participation in European Games goes to the Development Fund. The grants are given to the Member Federations for education of coaches and referees under the auspices of the ISSF.
  14. Winners and finalists of the European Championships get prize money offered by the ESC President.
  15. The ESC has supported the European Youth League with grants to the Organizers of the Regional Qualification tournaments and the Finals.
  16. The ESC supports the Organizers of the European Championships, in many different ways.
  17. The ECS has undertaken upon itself to supports the non-Olympic events and includes them in the program of the European Championships. Also, the Lapua ESC CUP for 25m Pistol and 300m Rifle events are organized every year.
  18. The ESC Air Cup – Internet competitions - in which any shooter across Europe can participate, on line - has been launched.
  19. The ESC has created a model for TV broadcasting of its Championships.
  20. The ESC guarantees the production of the TV signal from all European Championships and its delivery to the satellite of the European Broadcasting Union.
  21. The ESC pays for the technical access of its partners to the satellite of the EBU.
  22. The live Internet streaming of all the Finals at the European Championships is performed.
  23. The ESC was the first to organize meetings with the Industry.
  24. The ESC Athletes’ Committee is formed and active. Meetings with the participants of the European Championships have been organized.

We do not give promises, we act! Our initiatives have been widely recognized and accepted by the whole shooting community!

We go to the forth coming ISSF elections with a strong team of leaders who have proved their effectiveness and professionalism during the years on the European and international levels with the goal to collectively give the ISSF and our sport of Olympic shooting a new dimension.

I am sure we will achieve it!

Looking forward to meeting with all of you in person in Munich at the European meeting on November 29th, 2018.


Vladimir Lisin

ESC President

ISSF Vice-President

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