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Dream Teams ruled on Top!

The last day of the shooting competitions at the European Games was dedicated to Trap Team events.

In the Bronze Medal Match Team Finland (Mopsi Veromaa, Satu Mäkelä-Nummela, Noora Antikainen) met Team Germany (Sarah Bindrich, Bettina Valdorf, Kathrin Murche). Germans shot 12 hits in all 5 series. The first series, however, won Finland with 12:13. The second series won Germany with 12:11. The third series - again Finland with 12:13! After that there was a tie in the fourth series. The fifth series was won by Germany, so the final score was 5:5 which has been decided by a shoot-off where German ladies were more precise and took Bronze medals.

In the Gold Medal Match everything was much faster: "Dream Team" from Italy represented by 2012 Olympic Champion Jessica Rossi who has won here Golds in Trap Individual and Mixed Team events as well, Giulia Grassia, who has won Bronze in Trap Mixed Team event here too, and 2022 European Champion in Trap event Silvana Stanco beat Team Türkiye (Dilara Bedia Kızılsu, Rümeysa Pelin Kaya, Safiye Sarıtürk Temizdemir) with 6:0.

The same score - 6:0 - was in Men's Bronze Medal Match as well. But this time the Italian team (Mauro De Filippis, Daniele Resca, Giovanni Pellielo) was in the role of losers. Team Portugal (João Azevedo, José Bruno Faria, Armelim Coelho Rodrigues) took Bronze medals.

In the Gold Medal Match another "Dream Team" from Croatia consisting of 2012 Olympic Champion Giovanni Cernogoraz, multiple Gold Medalist in Trap Individual and Team events Anton Glasnović, and Silver Medalist of the 2022 European Championship Francesco Ravalico met their neighbors from Slovakia (Erik Varga, Marián Kovačócy, Adrián Drobný), and it was a real strain! The first series was taken by Croatia, the second - by Slovakia. There was a tie in the third series. The next two series were taken by Croats, and they won the Match with the score 7:3.

Congratulations to the medal winners!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Recorded events can be found here.

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