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Hungary reports records

The recent European Championship 10m has been hailed as a resounding success in the host country, particularly in terms of organization and media coverage.

According to the Organizing Committee reports, with extensive TV broadcasting, Internet streaming and social media outreach, the event attracted widespread attention.

The Hungarian Shooting Federation's Facebook page witnessed an astounding 700% increase in engagement, reaching over 4.000 individuals daily during the promotional period and the Championship itself. Additionally, Instagram experienced a 100% surge in activity between January 30th and March 2nd.

The ESC Facebook page reached 44.000 engagements, and the Instagram got 2.500 engagements during the competition days.

The live broadcast of the 10 Finals by M4 Sport Channel attracted nearly 700.000 viewers, while the ESC streams on YouTube and Facebook collectively amassed more than 50.000 viewers.

Expressing gratitude for ESC's steadfast support, the Organizers emphasized their pride in achieving these unprecedented milestones. Hosting participants from 41 European countries, the organization of the Championship was described as immensely enjoyable, with every moment dedicated to serving guests and promoting the sport.

The ESC extended its gratitude to the Organizing Committee for the exceptional work and contribution to the event’s big success.

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