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Erik Markus Svensson hit them all!

It was a kind of Baltic nations Skeet Men Final.

After the Ranking matches Tomáš Nýdrle from Czechia, Vincent Christo Haaga from Germany, John Henrik Jansson from Sweden, and Ben William Llewellin from Great Britain left the range leaving Erik Marcus Svensson from Sweden, Dainis Upelnieks from Latvia, Eetu Aapeli Kallioinen from Finland, and Peeter Juerisson from Estonia decide the winner in the Medal Match.

Kallioinen and Juerisson showed pretty good shooting level but it wasn’t enough to continue a battle for the Gold. 20-years old Juerisson finished fourth. Kallioinen took the Bronze with 27 hits out of 30. The fight for the Gold and a quota place for Paris 2024 Olympic Games began between Svensson and Upelnieks when they were left alone on the range. Both were shooting perfectly well, but Upelnieks, for whom it was the first international Final in his life, missed three out of 40 targets. Svensson did not commit a single mistake. In the Final he would hit even hit 70 out of 70, including 30 hits in the Ranking Match, but the Referee declared the Golden Hit! So, the final score in the Medal Match was 38:37 in his favor!

Besides Gold medals, Erik Marcus Svensson and Martina Bartolomei were awarded with special prizes for winning Paris 2024 quota places.

Congratulations to the medal winners!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Live broadcasting and recorded events can be accessed here.

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