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Familiar names on the podium of 25m Standard Pistol

The Championship of the 25m Standard Pistol was the fight of three famous athletes: Ukrainian Pavlo Korostylov; Turkish Yusuf Dikec and German Christian Reitz. These athletes have won quite many medals each and so they did again today here in Bologna.

German Christian Reitz shot well the last 10 sec series and made 192 for result, but it didn’t reach this time higher than to bronze medal while his 20 sec serie brought him only 183 points. His 150 sec result was evn 195.Total result 570. Yusuf Dikec shot 193 (150 sec), 189 (20 sec) and 189 (10 sec), total result 571. He got silver.

The winner Ukrainia Pavlo Korostylov show his skill and made a steady result (191+193+189), total 573.

"This competition was very difficult. I had some problems in pistol. The trigger is not ok, it is someway loose and something is not in order. Have to check. I have changed my finger position when shot and anything could work well. I’m so happy when I have now the gold medal", told Korostylov after the awarding.

Anyway the masters can handle the difficulties and win!

In the team competition Yusuf Dikec got a little bit balm on the wounds when he had the possibility to lead his team mates to the highest podium. Turkey won Team gold. The team consisted of Yusuf Dikec (571), Murat Kilic (568) and Yavuz Keskin (562).Total result was 1701. The result (1696) of Korostylov’s team (Ukraine) reached to silver and bronze to Germany (1692).

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

Risto Aarrekivi

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