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French Alexis Raynard reclaims the in 300m 3 Positions Men competition

The wind blew in the rifle range with the same speed as before. That didn’t surprise the athletes. But when looking the result list there were familiar names who have been shooting long time in all kind of conditions. The winner was this time Alexis Raynaud from France. His kneeling was 391, prone 395 and standing 381, total winning result 1167. Silver medal winner was Hungarian Istvan Peni who beat his team mate Peter Sidi with two points. The silver medal result of Istavn Peni was 1163. Yesterday winner Jan Lochbihler (1158) was finally fourth.

“It was difficult to shoot. My beginning this week was bad, but the result was perfect today. The conditions have been all the time very challenging. I like to shoot 300m but my best discipline is 50m Rifle 3 Positions. When I have been shooting quite a lot here at the range and conditions have become more familiar, so you do not need so much consulting. Wait only the right moment and shoot. My kneeling was good as the prone also and the crown was of course the standing, finally difficult but easy at the same time”, explained Alexis Raynaud and laughed warmly. Finally everything is easy to the winner.

The team competition won France with result of 3472. The team consisted of Alexis Raynard (1167) Velerian Sauveplane (1155) and Cyrill Graff (1150). Silver travelled to Switzerland (3461) and bronze to Austria (3458).

Risto Aarrekivi

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