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Friday is the Day of Teams

Friday is the day of team competition. Today will be competed the Quarterfinals of Pistol and Rifle Women and Men. Today will be also the Qualification of the Mixed Teams.

Eight best teams received places to Quarterfinals of Air Pistol and Air Rifle Women/Men. The teams are competing in pairs and the one receiving more points continues to Sundays finals. The Mixed Teams are an Olympic Event and their finals are on Saturday.

Air Pistol Women Team

In Air Pistol Women Russian Federation beat Slovenia (575-546), Hungary beat Switzerland (567-561), Ukraine beat Serbia 575-565 and Poland lost to Germany (562-571). So in the finals will be Russian Federation, Hungary, Ukraine and Germany.

Air Rifle Men Team

In 10m Air Rifle Men Russian Federation beat France (628.1-624.6), Hungary beat hosting country Croatia with result 625.6-623.5. Germany lost surprisingly to Serbia (616.9-626.6) and familiar rifle country Belarus beat Italy (622.2.-619.5). In the finals will compete the Russian Federation, Hungary, Serbia and Belarus.

Air Pistol Men Team

In Air Pistol Men Quarterfinal winner were well known pistol countries. Also those who their matches were expected. Probably the only issue was that Italy beat Germany, but Italy is anyway in good hands when former great shooter DiDonna is coaching the team.

Ukraine beat Latvia 575-567 and reached the place to finals. Russian Federation did excellent job by winning Hungary 582-568. So Italy beat German 574-567 and Serbia beat Slovakia 583-573. In the finals on Sundays finals.

Air Rifle Women Team

Russian Team continued their strong performance also in Air Rifle Women Team event and won their match against Czech Republic with result 624.1-620.9. Austrian team continued also to the finals by winning Slovenian team 622.1-619.1 . Italy did not give any surprising possibilities to Switzerland – Italy to finals 621.0-619.7. In the third pair Romania had a little difficulty with Hungary, but they finally solved also their place to the finals, but only with 0.2. difference: 620.3-620.1.

The team finals (Medal Matches) will be on Sunday, while these do not yet belong to the Olympic event group. The Mixed Team Finals will be on Saturday, while it is a Olympic Event. The Qualifications will be competed later afternoon on Friday.

Russian Team set World Record in the Qualification of the 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team Competition

Russian Team 1 entered from the qualification into the finals with a new Qualification World and European Record. The Team1 consisted of Vitalina Batsarashkina and Artem Chernousov. The record result was 782. Russian Federation reached also another team into the finals when the Team 2 captured the fifth (last final place) with result 767. They won the final place with the difference of inner tens (22). The unlucky team was Hungary with same result but with 19 inner tens. Second of the Qualification was Serbia 1 (778), third France (776) and fourth Ukraine with result 775. The final will be competed on Saturday.

Italy 2 into the 10m Air Rifle Mixed Team Finals with new Qualification European Record

Italy 2 was the best team in 10m Air Rifle Mixed Team Qualification. The team consisted of Petra Zublasing and Marco Suppini. Their result was 840.5 which is a new European Qualification Record.

They beat Serbia 1 Team with the difference of 3.7 points. Third was German Team 2 only 0.2 points behind Serbian Team. Russian Team 1 was fourth (834.9) and the last who shot into the final was Team Sweden with result 834.6.

These five team will compete tomorrow (Saturday) for the title of European Championship.

Risto Aarrekivi

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