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Gold winners in Air 50 Cup: France and two times Russia

On Sunday evening it was turn of the newly moderated Air 50 Rifle and Junior Pistol Cups. There were 20 teams in Air 50 Rifle Junior Cup and 26 teams in Air Pistol Junior Cup. Each Team must consist of a female and male shooter. The teams are competing first in a Qualification with 50 shots. Then four best teams enter the finals.

In the Air Pistol Cup Final competed two Russian teams, Team Latvia and team Poland. In ½ Finals Russian Team 2 (result 102,4) beat the Polish Team 2 (result 92,7) and entered to the Gold Match. Russian Team 1(result 97,0) entered the Gold Match by winning the Latvian Team (93,3). So in the Gold Match competed two Russian Teams and in the Bronze Match – Latvia and Poland. Latvia won the Bronze Match clearly with result 3-0. The Gold Match between two Russian Teams was an easy piece of cake for Russian Team 1 while it won 3-1 the Russian Team 2. In Russian Team 1 competed Margarita Lomova and Ilya Lipkin.

From the Qualification to finals in Rifle Junior Cup entered four following teams: France 2, Switzerland 2, Russia 1 and Austria. At ½ Final Team France 2 (result 102,9) beat the Russian Team 1 (result 100,3) and in the other couple Switzerland Team 2 (result 101,4) beat Austrian (98,3) Team.

So in the Final France met Switzerland and in the bronze match Russia met Austria. In the bronze match Russian team beat Austrian 3-2.

In the Gold Match France beat Switzerland 3-1. The Team France consisted of Judith Gomez and Alexia Raymond.

When asking the feelings after the Cup Final they answered that it was nice competition in comparison to other competitions. To the question which athlete shot better Alexia Raymond laughed and said quickly: “Me of course, but it doesn’t matter, we are competing as a team. It is more important”, explained Alexia his feelings and gave a tender hug to Judith.

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