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It was a high-tension day!

The girls and spectators showed all their strength!

Both matches ended with the same score: 16-14. This means that again it was completely impossible to understand who would be the winner.

In the Bronze Medal Match Team Azerbaijan (Leyli Aliyeva, Sofiya Barkhalova, Zeynab Sultanova) beat Team Ukraine (Yuliia Didenko, Olha Lepska, Anastasiia Marchenko).

In the Gold Medal Match Team Germany (Celina Becker, Johanna Blenck, Lydia Vetter) beat Team Georgia (Mariam Abramishvili, Salome Prodiashvili, Mariami Prodiashvili).

In both Matches the situation was again the same: with the score 14-10 the running-up team started earning points and made the score equal. But it was not enough to win the Bronze or Gold medals.

It is impossible to describe in words all the energy that we witnessed today! A lot of new Shooting Stars are born here in Győr!

To some extent, today we were present not only at a shooting competition, but also at a contest among spectators! Fabulous!

Thanks to everyone for the charge of positive emotions!


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