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Ladies opened Team competitions

Now it’s time for Team events here in Osijek which began with Skeen event.

In the Bronze medal match Team Great Britain met Team Czech Republic.

Alexandra Anne Skeggs, Emily Jane Hibbs, and Amber Jo Rutter broke resistance of Barbora Šumová, Martina Kučerová, and Anna Šindelářová without much effort and finished the match with 6-0.

There was a protest for the last shot, but Team GB put an end to this dispute anyway and took Bronze medals.

In the Gold medal match the situation was almost the same but without any protest.

Martina Bartolomei, Simona Scocchetti, and Diana Bacosi from Italy bet their rivals Monika Štibravá, Lucia Kopčanová, Vanesa Hocková from Slovakia easily and with the same score as it was in previous match: 6-0.

After that the Men entered the arena.

In the Bronze medal match Team Germany (Sven Korte, Christopher Robin Honkomp, Vincent Haaga) met Team Great Britain (Karl Frederick Killander, Mitchell Brooker-Smith, Ben Llewellin).

Germans showed confident shooting and won the match with 6-2.

And finally, in the Gold medal match, we were lucky to see a real fight for medals!

Tammaro Cassandro, Elia Sdruccioli, and Gabriele Rossetti from Italy snatched victory from their Czech colleagues Radek Prokop, Jakub Tomeček, and Tomáš Nýdrle with a 6-4! What a great show!

Congratulations with perfect results!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

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