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Last day was reserved for teams

The last day of the European Championships was reserved for Women and Men Team Competitions. The first competition which started 08.30 was the 10m Air Pistol Men Team Competition. The teams consisted of three athletes.

The eight (8) best teams which achieved the place to the quarterfinal and competed as pairs were Ukraine -Latvia, Serbia- Hungary, Germany-Croatia and Russian Federation-Slovenia.

Winning teams of the pairs continued to the semifinals and they were Ukraine, Serbia, Serbia and Russian Federation.

The semifinal pairs were Ukraine – Russia and Serbia - Germany. In the first semifinal pair Ukraine won Russian Federation with surprisingly big difference. The winning numbers were 16-8 and Ukraine continued to the Gold Match – Russian team to the Bronze Match.

In the second semifinal match Serbia has to do a hard work before they won finally Germany, the result was 16-14 and Serbia marched to the Gold Match.

Germany surprised Russian Federation

The Bronze match was exciting from the beginning to the end. Russian team was leading with 20-18. Then Germany won the next round – 20-20. The other athletes had already shot their shot and Michael Schwald was still aiming. If Germany would win he should manage excellent. And what he did. He shot 10.8. German scores was 29.5 – Ukraine 28.8 – Germany won the European bronze.

Ukraine ruled Air Pistol Men Team Competition

In Gold Match pair competed Ukraine- Serbia. When 13 rounds had been shot Serbia was leading 15-11. Then Ukraine started their to the finish and suddenly situation 15-15. During the next shots Ukraine passed Serbia and finally won the European Championship with result 21 – 15. The Ukrainian team consisted of Pavlo Korostylov, Oleh Omelchuk and Viktor Bankin.

Russia was the strongest in 10m Air Pistol Women Team Competition

The second Air Pistol competition was Air Pistol Women Team. From the Qualification reached the place to Quarterfinal: Ukraine, Germany, Serbia, Russian Federation, Hungary, Poland, Croatia and Great Britain. The lucky ones who achieved the semifinals were Germany, Russian Fed., Ukraine and Serbia.

In the first semifinal Germany was better against Serbia 17-13 and in the second semifinal Russia beat Ukraine with result 16-14. Ukraine had three match point possibility but finally Russia passed them (16-14)and achieved the place into the Gold Match.

In Bronze Match Serbia had even five match point situation in the end, but always Ukraine won. Finally in the last round Serbia managed to shoot better result than Ukraine (29.4 – 29.2) and get the needed points for victory. Bronze for Serbia.

In the Gold Match Russian Team dominated but Germany did not give and the match was quite tight till situation 8-6. Then Russian athletes showed their skill and won six next rounds, Germany one. In situation 20-8 Russian team had three match point possibilities and the last one managed. Russia won Germany with result of 22-12. The Russian Federation team consisted of Vitalina Batsarashkina, Ekaterina Korshunova and Margarita Lomova.

Risto Aarrekivi

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