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Matteo Mastrovalerio came behind and surprised Luca Joldea

The Air Pistol Men Junior Final was finally the duel of Romainian Luca Joldea and Italian Matteo Mastrovalerio.

Both made excellent shooting during the Final. Luca Joldea was the best in the ranking part of the Final with result 248.0. Matteo Mastrovalerio was second with result 247.6. These two continued to the Gold Match. Mastrovaleri’s team mate Gabriele Aldo Villani shot also well and won Bronze medal after the ranking part.

It looked that Luca Joldea will handle the Final, but the truth is that the game was over after the last shot has been done.

The Gold Match final was tie in 8-8 situation. Joldea made 10.3 instead of Mastrovalerio’s 9.8 and took the lead 10-8. Mastrovalerio lost the next shot with the difference of 0.2 and Joldea was leading 12-8. Next shot for Italian clearly and the match game more exciting 12-10. Joldea started to get nervous and he lost the next shot and situation was tie 12-12. Mastrovalerio continued his concentrating and continued his calm run. The victory of next shot for Matteo Mastrovalerio (10.6 – 9.5) 14-12.

After that lost Joldeo couldn’t get the flow back, but Mastrovalerio continued his flow with result 10.2 instead of Joldea’s 9.4.

This meant that Matteo Mastrovalerio won the European Championship in Air Pistol Men Final Junior event with result 16-12.

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

Risto Aarrekivi

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