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Norwegian Ole-Kristian Bryhn and Swiss Marina Schneider ruled the rain and wind

The 25-300m Lapua European Cup Finland started in Lahti under very difficult weather conditions while the Mother Nature decided to show her strength: after week nice hot weather today (on Friday) it was raining like cats and dogs and winding. During the beginning of the competition the weather was quite good but during the second part (prone) there started the heavy rain and rough wind.

Some of the athletes had followed the weather forecast and shot kneeling very quickly and even with excellent results but after that the speed slow down.

Men started with 300m STR 3x20 event. The best of the men event was Ole-Kristian Bryhn from Norway. His result was 585 (kneeling 199, prone 199, standing 187). Silver medal winner was Swiss Gilles Dufaux with result 581 and bronze medalist was Finnish Juho Kurki (580).

“While I knew the weather forecast my strategy was to shoot the kneeling as fast as possible while I knew that rain was coming. I have been suit for this kind of weather but I think this was the strangest and worst weather ever. Anyway 199 from kneeling and prone – I’m satisfied. This helps me on the journey to World Championships, this was the last international qualification and now I’m waiting for the information of elections”, described the happy winner Ole-Kristian Bryhn.

The winner of the 300m Rifle 3 x40 women was Marina Schnider from Switzerland with result 1157(389-382-386) before two Swedish athletes Linda Olofsson (1149) and Elin Ahlin 1147.

“This was quite hard competition but fortunately the result was good for me. This was the last international qualification and we have still our own in Switzerland and after that I wish I have a place in our team to Korea”, told winner Marina Schnider after the awarding ceremony.

The best team in Men event was Finland (Juho Kurki, Juho Autio and Aleksi Leppä) – result 1720.

The best team of the women event was Norway (Sina Busk, Jenny Vatne and Eline Vatne) – result 3362.

Risto Aarrekivi

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