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Peter Sidi made it again – victory in 300m Rifle 3 Positions Men

Peter Sidi took the second victory in the Lapua European Cup Finals in Chatêauroux. Today he continued his road to victory in very difficult weather conditions by winning the 300m Rifle 3 Position Men competition.

The weather had changed from the nice sunshine to a rain and thunder in the morning. The competition had to stop for 45 minutes when it rained and there was a thunder storm.

"The conditions were very difficult. My last five prone shot were terrible difficult. I had to say all the time «I can, I can» while it was ever so difficult to see the target’s inner black part. The the weather calmed down and the rest was much easier", explained bronze medalist Gilles Dufaux from Switzerland.

Norwegian Simon Claussen took his second silver medal like Sidi - his second gold. The bronze medal travelled to Switzerland with Gilles Dufaux. Sidi’s positions were followings: kneeling 394, prone 396 and standing 393. The total score was 1183. Claussen shot 1181 (398-396-387) and Dufaux’s result was 1178 (394-398-387).

Switzerland took the double victory in 300m Rifle 3 Positions Women

Marina Schnider

Swiss team had a good day also in the 300 Rifle 3 Position Women when Silvia Guignard and Marina Schnider made a double victory. The best was Silvia Guignard with result 1174 (390-398-385). Guignard’s team mate Marina Schneider shot 1172 (388-396-385). German Eva Roesken who was nearly missing the competition because of the new starting time, was finally third with result 1171 (388-399-384).

Eva Roesken

"I had some problems when I shot kneeling. Also the break during the competition influenced to me. My pulse was very high and felt it all the time. My concentration was lost for a while and someway I was disappointed. The positions, especially kneeling was good for me. Then the decision of jury to agree the participation of two delayed athletes influenced to me. In my opinion it was not fair while they did not follow the new schedule. I was felt it someway strongly. Well, in the end of the competition fortunately result was good enough", explained Silvia Guignard, the winner of 3 positions.

Risto Aarrekivi

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