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Please welcome the Trios!

Towards the end of the competition day Air Rifle Trio Junior events took place.

Young gentlemen were the first to start.

In the Bronze Medal Match Austria (Patrick Entner, Florian Gugele, Johannes Kuen) met Sweden (Pontus Kallin, Victor Lindgren, Frans Rasmusson). Everything was quickly and easily: Austria took Bronzes with 16-6.

Absolutely the same situation repeated in the Gold Medal Match with Teams Germany (Florian Reinhard Beer, Justus Ott, and Nils Palberg) and Norway (Isak Gurrik, Jens Olsrud Østli, and Even Olai Enger Throndsen): 16-6 in favour of Germans.

In the girls' Bronze Medal Match Czech Republic (Barbora Dubská, Marie Fouňová, Adéla Zrůstová) met Austria (Paula Alberts, Marlene Baumgartner, Christina Hillinger). The Czechs had to work hard to defeat the Austrians, and they succeeded with a score of 16-10.

For the third time during this day it was a battle for Golds between German and Polish athletes again. Katrin Grabowski, Theresa Luise Schnell and Nele Stark took the lead in the very beginning of the match. When the score was 14-2, the Jury mentioned that there was a shot before the START command in the German team. After the Jury's decision the score became 12-4. Then Maja Magdalena Gawenda, Julia Mikołowska and Dominika Skarupska started winning shot by shot! But the Germans won Golds anyway with the score of 16-8.

It was a very long day full of exciting moments!

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

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