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Russian Daria Semianova and British Matthew John Coward-Holley ruled the Trap Finals

Russian Daria Semianova shot a new European Record Junior in the Trap Women, she can compete also in Juniors, but this time she was competing in Women. And not bad at all.

Semianova won the Trap Final before Italian Jessica Rossi. The difference was finally 3 hits (44-41). The final result is also a new ERJ.

Bronze medal winner was French Carole Cormenier. Ekaterina Subbotina (RUS) was 4th and she won the Tokyo Quota place, while all other finalists had quotas already. Fatima Galvez (ESP) was fifth and Slovakian Zuzana Rehak Stefecekova sixth.

In Trap Men British Matthew John Coward-Holley did not give anybody to surprise him. He missed three clays and beat Silver medalist Jiri Liptak (CZE) with the difference of four clays. Bronze medalist Italian Mauro De Filippis won Tokyo Quota place as well.

Gold also to Russia in Trap Team Women Junior

Russian Team won European Championship by beating Italy in Trap Team Women Junior. The team consisted of Serafima Tarasenko, Polina Kniazeva and Alina Akhamova. They beat Italian team clearly 6-2. Czech Republic won Bronze.

Spain surprised Italy, Finland Great Britain Trap Team Men Junior

In the Gold medal match Spain and Italy had a hard match for Gold. In the end they both had 5 points, so it was needed a shoot-off. Spain won the shoot-off 2-1 and at same time Gold. The Golden Team consisted of Javier Martinez Fuster, Andreas Garcia and Juan Antonia Garcia.

In the Bronze match Team Finland was clearly better with result 7-1.

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

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Risto Aarrekivi

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