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Sensitive Artist lives inside of a strong athlete

The first competition day in 10m ECH has just finished at the Habakuk Hotel. At the two last awarding ceremonies Veronika Major had got two medals: personal gold in Running Target and the bronze one in RT team competition.

She looks a little bit shy when entering into the ECH Media Centre but you can feel someway her strength and determination.

Veronika Major was born in 1997 in Keszthely, a small town where she is still living. Veronika started practising in September 2009 with the national coach Zoltan Keczeli. One year after she started competing. Veronika Major shoots Air Pistol and Running Target. She is right handed. She has won also World Championship golden medals.

Veronika feels that she is living very similar life as any other young lady of her age.

«This is not an easy question, however I think my life is very similar to any other young lady of my age. Maybe the difference is that I put more emphasis on sport because it is my life’s priority. I have training sessions three times a week. I’m attending school and I would like to become a professional sport physiotherapist», explains Veronika.

Veronika is not practicing sports all her time. Her favourite hobby is drawing and painting and it takes quite a lot of time too. She is also multi-talent in that area.

«My favorite hobby is drawing and painting and in the past I also won some awards for my drawings. Yes, I could say that my mind’s set is quite adapted to competing».

When we are discussing about feeling pressure and setting goals Veronika’s answer is clear and determined:

«I don’t allow myself feeling the pressure of other competitors. I’m much disciplined and I always want to achieve my goals. Everywhere and at any time. I don’t compare disciplines and I wouldn’t like to choose any. I always adapt myself to the specific situation. I didn’t plan to win two gold medals, but I wanted to win individual medals. In team competitions is a little different because the achievement is a result of the whole team’s performance. If we are talking about the nearest future, we still have a mixed competition at this Championship. Let us see what will happen, it is a hard competition».

When asking about her feelings now after winning gold medals for the first time in two different events, Veronika smiles. Her answer shows also that she is very calm and in good balance with these results, standing on both feet on the ground:

«I think I understand what I’ve achieved, but it’s not like I’ve changed the world, I could say we put a checked mark to my performance at this Championship and it’s added to my list of achievements».

My last question: what are your greetings to our younger and also for older shooters? Major thinks a short moment but then gives a clear message:

«To be consistent and always to have your goals in your hands and in your mind and to achieve them through every situation».

Her answer shows how determined Veronika is. I’m sure we’ll see her many times on the podium. Perhaps next year at the World Championship and at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Veronika’s ISSF profile can be seen here.

Risto Aarrekivi

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