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Snjezana PEJCIC from Croatia, Zorana ARUNOVIC from Serbia, Oliver GEIS from Germany, Fatima GALVEZ from Spain, Giovanni PELLIELO from Italy and Vasily MOSIN from Russia will meet the year 2016 on top of the ISSF ranking.

Snjezana PEJCIC is the only European to finish the pre-Olympic season on top of the world ranking in Rifle events. She is leading the 3 Positions Rifle Women ranking followed by Barbara ENGLEDER from Germany and CHEN Donqqi from China. Selina GSCHWANDTNER (Germany) is on the forth position in this event, Beate GAUSS (Germany) - on the sixth and Petra ZUBLASING (Italy) - on the seventh.

In the second Rifle event for Women - 10m Air Rifle - Elaheh AHMADI from Iran is leading the ranking. She is followed by YI Silinq from China and Andrea ARSOVIC from Serbia. Snjezana PEJCIC is on the fifth position in this event, Petra ZUBLASING - on the seventh and Valentina GUSTIN (Croatia) - on the eighth.

Two of the Rifle events for Men are dominated by Chinese shooters. ZHU Qinan is on top of the 50m 3 Positions ranking and YANG Haoran is No.1 in 10m Air Rifle. ZHU Qinan is followed by Matthew EMMONS (USA) and HUI Zicheng (China) while YANG Haoran is followed in the ranking by his compatriot CAO Yifei and KIM Sang Do from Korea.

The best placed Europeans in 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men ranking are Sergei KAMENSKIY from Russia who is on the fifth position, Alexander SCHMIRL from Austria - on the sixth and Nazar LOUGINETS from Russia - on the seventh. The best placed Europeans in 10m Air Rifle ranking are Peter SIDI (Hungary) who is on the forth position, Milutin Stefanovic (Serbia) - on the fifth and Oleh TSARKOV (Ukraine) - on the sixth.

A little better situation for the Europeans is in the 50m Rifle Prone Men ranking that is headed by Michael MCPHAIL from the USA. Kirill GRIGORYAN from Russia is on the second position, Cyril Graff from France - on the fifth, Bojan DURKOVIC from Croatia - on the sixth and Ole Kristian BRYHN - on the seventh.

A clear European dominance is evident in the 10m Air Pistol Women ranking. Zorana ARUNOVIC is on top of it followed by Olena KOSTEVYCH from Ukraine, Antoaneta BONEVA from Bulgaria, Anna KORAKAKI from Greece and Liubov YASKEVICH from Russia.

The leader of the ranking in the second Pistol event for Women - 25m Pistol - is ZHANG Jingjing from China. She is followed by Gundegmaa OTRYAD from Mongolia and Antoaneta BONEVA. Olena KOSTEVYCH is on the fifth position, Vitalina BATSARASHKINA (Russia) - on the eighth and Heidi DIETHELM GERBER (Switzerland) - on the ninth.

Oliver GEIS managed to place himself on top of the ISSF ranking in 25m Rapid Fire Pistol. He is followed by KIM Jun Hong from Korea and Jean Quiquampoix from France. The next Europeans in the ranking are Christian REITZ from Germany (forth place) and Leonid EKIMOV from Russia (seventh place).

All three top positions in the 50m Pistol ranking are occupied by Asian shooters. No.1 is ZHANG Bowen from China, No.2 is JIN Jongoh from Korea and No.3 is HAONG Xuan Viuh from Vietnam. Damir MIKEC from Serbia is the best placed European. He is on the forth place. Joao COSTA from Portugal is on the ninth place.

The 10m Air Pistol Men ranking is headed by JIN Jongoh. Joao COSTA is on the second position, Vladimir ISAKOV from Russia - on the third. There are two more Europeans among the top 10 in this event. Yusuf DIKEC from Turkey is on the sixth place, Oleh OMELCHUK from Ukraine - on the ninth.

In Shotgun the overall situation looks much better for the European shooters than in Pistol and Rifle.

Fatima GALVEZ, Elena TKACH (Russia), Alessandra PERILLI (San Marino) and Zuzana REHAK-STEFECEKOVA (Slovakia) lead the ranking in Trap Women. Satu MAKELA-NEMMELA from Finland is on the ninth place.

Six European shooters are among the ten best in the Skeet Women ranking. Katiuscia SPADA (Italy) is on the forth position, Amber HILL (Great Britain) - on the fifth, Diana BACOSI (Italy) - on the seventh, Andri ELEFTHERIOU (Cyprus) - on the eighth, Alexandra JARMOLINSKA (Poland) - on the ninth and Danka BARTEKOVA (Slovakia) - on the tenth. But on top the ranking are two athletes from the USA - Morgan CRAFT and Caitlin CONNOR. Sutiya JIEWCHALOEMMIT from Thailand is on third place.

A clear European dominance can be noted in Trap Men. Giovanni PELLIELO from Italy is leading the ranking followed by Erik VARGA from Hungary, Giovanni CERNOGORAZ from Croatia, Alexei ALIPOV from Russia, David KOSTELECKY from the Czech Republic and Maxime MOTTET from Belgium.

Vasily MOSIN (Russia), Tim KNEALE and Steven SCOTT (both from Great Britain) - are on positions 1, 2 and 3 respectively in the Double Trap Men ranking. They are followed by Walton ELLER from the USA and Ahmad ALAFASI from Kuwait.

Vincent HANCOCK (USA) is the leader of the Skeet Men ranking followed by Gabriele ROSSETTI (Italy), Anthony TERRAS (France) and Jasper HANSEN (Denmark). There are three more Europeans among the top ten in this event: Sebastian KUNTSCHIK (Austria) - eighth place, Valerio LUCHINI (Italy) - ninth, Marcus SVENSSON (Sweden) - tenth.

In 2012 shooters from 16 European countries won 6 gold, 10 silver and 8 bronze medals at the Games of the XXX Olympiad in London.

The shooting competitions at the Games of the XXXI Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro will include 15 events and the Finals will take place on August 6-14, 2016.

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