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Spain and Italy took gold in Trap Mixed Team

What an exciting day again in the European Championship Shotgun! Spain won the gold medal in Trap Mixed Team, and Italy 1 was the best in Trap Mixed Team Junior.

It was a competition day number 5 in the European Championship Shotgun at the “Trap Concaverde” Shooting Range in Lonato. Today’s weather report is very short: sunshine and no rain. This made the international shooting family smile again!

In the qualification each team shot a total of 150 targets (each athlete 75 targets). After the qualification the top four teams in both categories qualified to compete in the final stage (Medal Matches). Teams in places 1 and 2 qualified for the Gold/Silver Medal Match, and teams in places 3 and 4 qualified for the Bronze Medal Match.

And what a day it was again! There were three teams in a shoot off of Trap Mixed Team, and only one place left in the Medal Matches. It was Italy 2 who qualified for the Bronze Medal Match after beating Finland 1 and Slovenia in SO.

After the qualification and the shoot off the top four teams in Trap Mixed Team were Spain 1 (143), France 1 (142), Italy 1 (140) and Italy 2 (139). Eemil Pirttisalo, Finland 1, hit in the qualification 74 targets, which was the best personal result in the competition.

In the Medal Matches each athlete shot 25 targets, 50 targets each team.

Spain 1 took the European Championship after hitting 49 targets in the gold medal match. France 1 result was 48, and they got the silver medal. Fatima Galvez and Alberto Hernandez was in a 20-19 lead after 20 targets. After 40 targets the lead was still two points. Carole Cormenier and Antonin Desert of the France 1 team lost finally by one point.

Italy 1 (Jessica Rossi – Mauro de Filippis) took the third place after winning Italy 2 (Silvana Stanco – Giovanni Pellielo) 44-43 – also by one point. It was a tight match: the teams were even after 20 targets (18-18) and after 30 targets (27-27). After 40 targets Italy 2 took the lead 35-36 but finally lost the match.

Trap Mixed Team Junior

The ranking after the qualification in Trap Mixed Team Junior was Poland (141), Italy 1 (137), Italy 2 (136) and Spain (135). Spain qualified for the Bronze Medal game after beating Portugal in a shoot off (4-3).

Italy 1 (Sofia Littame – Lorenzo Ferrari) was leading the gold medal match after 20 targets 16-13, and when 40 targets were shot, Poland (Sandra Bernal – Remigiusz Charkiewicz) was two points behind (31-33). Finally, Italians won by four points (43-39).

The Bronze Match was exciting: Italy 2 (Gaia Ragazzini – Edoardo Antonioli) and Spain 2 (Mar Molne Magrina – Adria Martinez Torrez) were even after 50 targets (42-42). Then it was a time for a shoot off. Italy got their fourth medal of the day, when they won the SO 3-2.

Four nations made it to the Medal Matches in Trap Mixed Team events. Italy had a good day: they had four teams in the Medal Matches and they won three medals.

The ECH in Lonato continues on Tuesday with the competition of Double Trap (M-W-MJ-WJ).

About 400 athletes, including Juniors, from 44 nations take part in the ECH competition.

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

Lassi Palo

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