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Stepanie Laura Scurrah Grundsoee for gold after hyper exciting final in Air Rifle Women Junior

Monday was the golden day for Dannish Stepanie Laura Scurrah Grundsoee! After hyper exciting final she was crownded as the European Champion in Air Rifle Women Junior competition. Spectators needed to wait until the last shot before the victory was clear.

It looked nearly all the time the German Anna Janssen will take the gold medal, but like in all sport the winner is the best only when the match is over. Grundsoee proved this old wording true once again. Janssen was leading until the two last shots with 1.0. Then the second last shot: Grundsoee hits 10.4 when Janssen only 10.0, the difference is now only 0.6 points. Last shot: Grundsoee 10.3 and Janssen – only 9.5.

The final ends into the tears of happiness for Grundoee with result of 248.0, Janssen gets 247.8. Oceanne Marianne Muller from France wins bronze with result 227.2.

The Final was amaizing, I was really nervous while here were so many excellent athletes. I managed to keep myself calm until the end and last shot and I won! Even I was nearly all the time as a challenger it was absolutely not easy for. The final was ever so stuff, explained the European Champion tears on her cheek.

Russian Federation strong in Running Target 30/30 Men and Women

The Russian Federation ruled the Running Target 30/30 Men and Women Medal Matches.

Russian Vladislav Prianishikov won gold and beat superiorsly his team mate Alexander Blinov with result 6-0. In the Bronze match Ukrainian Ihor Kizyma won Russian Maxim Stepanov 6-4.

In the Running Target 30/30 Women Russian Federation caught also gold when Julia Eydenzon won Ukrainian Galina Avramenko 7-5 in the Gold Match. In the Bronze Match Olga Stepanova beat her team mate Irina Izmalkova with result 6-4.

The Running Target event will continue with Mixed Runs.

Risto Aarrekivi

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