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Sweden 300m Women Rifle shooters cleaned nearly the whole award table

The title tells nearly all what happened in 300m Rifle Prone competition, but still the all. Anyway Sweden women shooters started their job on 300m rifle shooting in very strong way. Elin Åhlin was the best, Anna Normann third and Marie Enqvist fourth. Sweden won of course the team competition. The only who break the total triumph of Sweden was Austrian Olivia Hofmann by winning silver. But it was not an easy job!

The beginning of Olivia’s shooting was dramatic. When she started sighting shots her rifle went broken. She has to change the whole firing system in her rifle. It took important minutes to change, before she managed to do it. Finally everything was ok, but she quickly made some shot and turner target in competition position, the target didn’t work. It broke too. Then Olivia had to change her shooting place. After place changing everything started to go well, so well that she won finally silver after Elin Åhlin. There is still one point to tell: Olivia was the fastest shooter of all.

“Yes I usually shoot very fast when the conditions are right. I’ll do it so while the conditions can quickly and then the shooting is more challenging and not so relaxed”, explained happy Olivia Hofmann.

Elin Åhlin beat Olivia finally with 3 points. Elin’s gold medal result was 594. Olvia Hofmann shot 591 and the silver medal winner Swedish Anna Normann 589.

“This was a great competition, I was beforehand very nervous of the wind. Everything went finally well and it was not rough wind. My concentration managed well and I could keep the focus only in shooting. Great competition, first European Championship gold ever”, smiled 26 year old Elin Åhlin.

“I’m working with economy business and it suits well into the shooting while in both issues you have to be very exact. All my free time goes to shooting and I do not yet have any time for dating or having other hobbies. At the moment it is easier to live alone and concentrate for shooting sport but you never know what will happen in the future”, explained new attractive European Champion Eli Åhlin from Sweden.

The team competition won naturally Sweden with result of 1771. The team consisted of Elin Åhlin(594), Anna Normann(589) and Marie Enqvist(588). Silver medal winner team was Germany (1754) and Estonia (1751) won bronze.

Risto Aarrekivi

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