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Swedish Victor Lindgren ruled the Air Rifle Men Junior Final

If I could make a bet, I would put my money in that case for Victor Lindgren, so well he ruled the whole Final and in the end in the Gold Match he didn’t give any real changes to Hungarian Ferenc Toeroek.

Well, honestly speaking the beginning was tight until 3-3 situation. Then Lindgren directed the waltz by winning 5 next shots. Lindgren leading clearly 13-3.

Then Toeroek shot 10.6 and Lindgren 10.3 – Match 13-5. The rest of the Gold Match was a Lindgren’s show and he won the last shot and won gold with result 17-5.

Even Lindgren won clearly, I must admit that both athletes shot well, Lindgren a little bit better this time. Lindgren’s style is someway very hypnotic, moves calm and robotic. Nothing more or less.

The Bronze Medal winner was Lindgren’s team mate Jesper Johansson.

Risto Aarrekivi

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