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The best junior shooters compete in Suhl

The ISSF Junior World Cup in Suhl, Germany, appeared to be the most popular competitions of the year 2018 held so far. 756 athletes from 61 nations will make a total of 1749 starts, including the non-Olympic events.

The competitions started with the Junior Super Cup Mixed 10m Air Rifle and 10m Air Pistol. 150 young athletes - boys and girls, specialists in Pistol and Rifle shooting together - took part in this unique event. After a Qualification round rifle and pistol they were divided in pairs regardless the kind of weapon or gender. The winner of each pair had to compete with the winner of another pair and so on till the final Medal Matches. At each stage of the competitions the winner was determined out of three shots. In other words, the one who was the first to win two points was promoted to the next stage. Only in the Medal Matches the winner was determined out of five shots. To make the chances of Pistol shooters equal to the chances of Rifle shooters the 0,3 factor in their favor was applied. It means, a 10,0 shot with Air Pistol was equal to a 10,3 shot in Air Rifle.

After nearly four hours of exiting competitions Tom Stepanoff, Pistol shooter from France, won the first place beating Nikolas Jonathan Mader, another Pistol shooter from Germany, with a score 3-2. The third place went to a Rifle shooter from India Mehuli Ghosh.

The award ceremony was conducted by Vladimir Lisin and Stefan Rinke, President of the Organizing Committee

The prizes to the winners of the Super Cup were presented by Mr. Vladimir Lisin, ISSF Vice-President and President of the ESC. He also attended the first stage of the ISSF Target Sprint World Tour held in Suhl on the same day.

Willi Grill

ESC Presidium Member

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