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The ESC Air Cup continues strongly forward despite of Covid

After the sad news of 10m ECH 2021 cancellation, we have still good news to tell.

The ESC Air Cup powered by Walther and Capapie is going on and continues quite strongly forward. The ESC Technical Committee has worked hard for finding solutions for athletes having possibilities to update their result on the web. That is why the time deadlines are now longer.

We all know that the Covid situation is very difficult and large number of 10m indoor ranges have been forced to close, but already half of the participants (577) had updated their result on web until today (11.01.21). It is a great result and encourages the other athletes to try to participate.

German Micaela Koegel from Voeringen is at the moment on the top with result 1263.3 (631.9 + 631.4) in Air Rifle Women. Her Club mates Antonia Back is second and Hannah Steffen third.

Aino Nenonen, Sonja Myllys and Sonja Siitonen from Simpele Finland have managed to make already three competitions and their results are now 1820.3 (Nenonen), Siitonen 1825.1, and 1844.4 (Myllys). They were the only ones with three results (on the 11th Jan)!

In the Air Rifle Men Andreas Renz, also from Voeringen Germany, is on top with result 1261.2 His club mate Florian Krumm is second and Abel Zagrutdinov from Russian Club GBU RSSHOR is on the third position (11.01.21).

In Air Pistol Men Russian Aleksey Kuznetsov from Neva Star Club keeps the pole position with result 1158 (583+575). Second is Silaev Stanislav from Russian SHVSM St. Petersburg club and Kaj Jahnsson from Finnish PAS is third. Natalia Paderina is continuing on top by shooting 1154( 589 + 565). Diana Misseva (Patriot Yakutia) and Polina Korelina (KSSHOR Izhevsk) are on the following places in the list.

Norwegian Tommy Andre Soerlie from Oslo SpS is on top in Running Target with result 1100 (544+556). Finnish Ville Puhakka from Hamina and Estonian Heili Lepp (KL Mälk) are behind and following in the ranking.

Risto Aarrekivi

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