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The ESC Presidium and the ESC Legislation Subcommittee have addressed today with a letter to the ESC Member Federations with a request to contact the Members of the National Parliaments and the Members of the European Parliament from their countries to make sure that the EU Firearms Directive will enhance the security of citizens, not at chastening the law-abiding hobby and sport.

Below is complete text of the letter:

As we all know the EU is going to tighten the Gun laws and a proposal for a new directive has been discussed already for some months. It is clear that we have to contravene terrorism by all means. But the threat of all terrorism will not reduce with increased restrictions directed at law-abiding people and legal actions against shooting sport.

The new Firearms Directive draft published in November 2015 by the European Commission had been prepared in a very big hurry, inadequately. The proposal contains firearms technical mistakes and impossibilities. There is a deep discordance between the good meaning and the concrete substance. The draft is without any reason directed at legal gun owners. The law-abiding people would be scapegoats.

The real problem is illegal guns, but it is clear that we cannot stop the market of illegal guns by disciplining/chasten the legal gun owners, athletes etc.

The Firearms Directive draft is being discussed in the European Parliament at the moment and has been criticized strongly. The responsible athletes and law-abiding gun owners must be able to continue their hobby.

Now is the time to make changes! The Commission did not focus on relevant issues – did not consider the proposals made by the legal organizations.

We kindly ask the ESC Member Federations to be active. Please contact the Members of your National Parliaments and also the Members of the European Parliament of your country to make sure that this Directive will enhance the security of citizens, not at chastening the law-abiding hobby and sport.

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