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The interview with Mrs Unni Nicolaysen

We talked with Mrs Unni Nicolaysen, the previous president of the European Shooting Confederation, on the European Championship in Belgrade.

We talked with Mrs Unni Nicolaysen, the previous president of the European Shooting Confederation, on the European Championship in Belgrade.

How do you like this European Championship?

Until now, it is a great event, great organisation. Everything is on time, except there was only a small problem with the transportation.

What is that?

There were some delays of the buses, because of the traffic, but this is quite normal. The organisers made it better step by step, and now it is working quite well.

What is the difference between the events which were organized while you were the president, and these since Vladimir Lisin is the president?

The events are not effected by the changing, because the federation have got the rules, which are followed. And there are the technical delegations, whom taking care of it. So there are not a big difference between my time and now. In fact, there are no difference.

And what changed during Mr Lisin's two years?

Of course there are some changes, because I had my ideas, and he has got his ideas. The biggest difference, since he is the president, there are much more money in the federation, which is good.

Is this a good direction for the shooting?

Yes it is, especially the prize money for the championships, which was invented during my time. It was his idea, he wanted this opportunity for the shooters. He was that time the Chairman of the Economic Committee, for two years, before he was elected for president.

So you work together for two years. Do you think that he is continuing your work?

As far as I understand what he want, he is continuing what he invented, and he inventing more, he has the possibility.

In Hungary the biggest problem is, that there are not enough money in the shooting.

It's the same in a lot of country. It's not easy, to solve this. The federations, the olympic committees, the countries have to work together, this is not something, that is not the competition of the European Federation. But I think that Mr. Lisin have got some programs for the national federations, that they can achieve support. But I'm not thinking in money directly, but programs with target, with equipment, and things like that.

To make the shooting more popular.

I'm very concerned about the media situation, we have ti find ways, to make the shooting more popular in common life.

Do you think, that there is a possibility for the media, and especially for the television, to find the shooting interesting?

I think so, but there are need some adjustments in the program, and the way, the telvision can show it. To have some playoffs, and so on. I think that the media, the confederation and the shooting sport have to work together, to find some ways.

The shotgun events are good for television, but not the rifle and others. For example, even the athletes and coaches are not looking on the shooters during the competition, but watching the results on the projector.

The rapid pistol finals changed now, and it is much more interesting, so the others have to change also in this way. I'm sure, Mr Lisin can do this, but not alone. He will push for it on every possible forum.

This is also important because of the Olympic games. Do you think, that there is a danger, that shooting will taken of the program, if it not will be more interesting for the television?

I don't think so.

Maybe more shooting event coming in?

I doubt that. If we can keep the fifteen, we will be lucky. There are always many event, which want to ome in, and we have got a lot event, compare to other sports. So the main issue now is to keep the fifteen event, we have. After London, there will be a decision from the IOC, to reduce, or to increase the events, but I don't think, that there is a reason to worry about the shooting sport in general. This is also important, because when the IOC taking an event down from the program, the number of shooters is going down, because the national Olympic committees doesn't give support for them, and this is very sad. This happened with running target.

What do you think, this sad story, when this crazy killed many people in Norway, and this is happening day by day in the world, so these kind of things affecting people to think about shooting in a negative way?

We have got already hard regulations, and I do not think that it will be harder. Because, unfortunately these tragedies are happening. It's the same, when a car accident happen, you can't save this. I am thinking about my weapons, like they are jewells. I am shooting with them, and I love them.

How do you spend your days?

I am bicycling, walking with my dogs.

Is the presidential missing to you?

No. I can spend more times with my family, I am extremely happy, and I do not regret anything. And the presidential is in good hand.

 Author:  István Pál

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