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The ISSF Athlete’s Handbook is here! Download it now

The International Shooting Sport Federation has launched the ISSF Athlete’s Handbook, a useful guide for shooting sport athletes on various aspects related to their career and life.

In a step taken to assist shooting sport athletes in handling the rigors of the sport, the International Shooting Sport Federation launched the ISSF Athlete’s Handbook. With information on various topics, ranging from mental health to managing money, the handbook can serve as a one-stop reference resource for young and elite athletes around the world.

The handbook is an initiative to enable athletes to recognize and address the dynamic requirements of sport. A culmination of in-depth research, expert interactions and interviews, the handbook intends to equip athletes with all the information necessary to make the most of their careers in shooting sport.

Speaking about the book in his foreword, Olegario Vázquez Raña, President of the ISSF said, “Considering the range of topics covered, I believe this is a pioneering effort to present relevant information for the benefit of athletes around the world”.

The handbook follows a question and answers structure and includes 11 topical sections divided into 5 parts. Each section covers 10 questions, making it a total of 110 questions. The questions are independent of each other, which allow readers the flexibility to refer to any question or section based on their needs. The handbook can be used either to get fundamental information about a topic or as a reference when a particular issue demands attention.

Franz Schreiber, Secretary General of the ISSF, emphasized the importance of athlete education while stating: “The challenges faced while training and participating are diverse and ever-changing. Therefore, it is essential to have platforms that educate athletes and enable them to construct a structured approach that is most suited to their unique requirements”.

The content of the handbook can provide the awareness required to meet challenges and access opportunities. In the beginning, the handbook contains an essay titled “Sport in the context of life” authored by three-time Olympic gold medalist, Niccolò Campriani. In the essay, he dwells upon his approach to the sport and the perspectives that have shaped his career and life. The initial sections of the handbook throw light upon the physiological and psychological demands of shooting sport. The handbook then elaborates on aspects related to career management. Information related to anti-doping, dealing with harassment and relevant legal procedures are mentioned in a section on professional integrity. Furthermore, there are separate sections dedicated to participation in ISSF competition, accessing opportunities available through the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and setting career goals. Each section contains various infographics, photographs, diagrams and quotes by athletes to help one engage with the topic covered and understand its relevance.

The need to develop such a comprehensive resource came about through the interaction of the members of the ISSF Athletes Committee with various athletes. Elaborating on this, Abhinav Bindra, Chairman of the ISSF Athletes Committee, said: “The members of the Athletes Committee regularly gather views and concerns from athletes. We have realized that access to information is much needed to address challenges with confidence. This handbook has been designed to fulfill that need”.

The book is available for download at the official website of the ISSF at this link (click to download)


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