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The ISSF Electronic Scoring Target Course organised in Tallinn Estonia

Sixteen participants from six federations (Latvia 1, Estonia 5, Denmark 4, Sweden 2, Finland 3 and Israel 1) had nearly blood, sweat and tears or at least deep breaths and sighs when sitting four days (11-14.10.2018) in the meeting room of hotel Centennial in Tallinn Estonia during the ISSF Electronic Scoring Target (EST) Course.

"The participants were very keen on and made good remarks and questions - high level class", says Willi Grill (GER) the director of the EST Course. Grill was leading the course and main teacher assisted by Rosanne Ramos (BRA) and Kaupo Kiis (EST). Willi Grill acts also as ISSF Technical Director and he is a member of the ESC Presidium.

The ESC has a special developing programme for member federations used for coach and judge education. The meaning of this developing programme is to support economically federations to educate new high skill judges for jury members and officials. This course was organised with this ESC support.

This was the second course this year when Willi Grill was leading the EST course and he has still two to go.

"The course starts from very beginning from the basics, participants must identify and draw and measure manually the hit or missed hit. Then they have to calculate the value of hit of course. They must understand the basics then they can explain the result, if there happens sometimes to a protest situation or athlete does not accept the hit result in the championship or in a competition", explains the course director, Willi Grill.

"There is no possibility to make any mistakes and you must be sure what to do when you are acting as RST Jury member", says Grill.

"This is very good when we understand the basics and then we have to practice and solve all kind of cases. We have to find out for example that who has the highest y-coordinate or find out a cross shots etc. When we are familiar to all difficulties, we can solve the problems. There isn´t any blackouts. This helps also the range jury members to cooperate better with the RST jury members", explained Mikko Taussi from Finland.

"This is very interesting course. I have been shooting quite long time, but now I can understand how the result system works and how we can prove the hits value also manually", said Raivo Deklavs from Latvia.

"This was a very interesting course, not any special difficulties for me while I have been used quite well also for higher mathematic, but you must concentrate well to the cases and find first the main point of the question in contest. Then you get easily forward. This was absolutely useful for me as acting jury member", explained Estonian Oliver Kuks.

Risto Aarrekivi

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