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Three important meetings in Györ

The European Championship is not only competitions. It is also a possibility to meet and discuss different matters of the development of the shooting sport. Three important meetings took place in Györ during the 2018 ECH 10m.

Hungary invited the neighbours

The first one was convened upon initiative of György Nagy, President of the Hungarian Shooting Federation, who had invited his colleagues from the neighboring countries to discuss several matters of mutual interest. In particular, how to organize more competitions for different age categories in the area of Central Europe and how to coordinate activities in the ESC and the ISSF.

Presidents of the ESC Member Federations from Bulgaria (BSU), Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia as well as the Secretaries General from Austria (ASSF) and Slovakia took part in the meeting.

The next meeting of the group is planned during the ISSF World Cup in Munich.

The ESC Athletes' Committee is at work

Elena Allen, Chair of the ESC Athletes' Committee, organised a meeting with the participants of the European Championship. Nearly 40 athletes, many of whom were winners or medallists from major shooting events, took part in the meeting which lasted more than two hours.

The main topics of discussion were the new formats of competitions in Mixed Team and Team events, the number of shots for Women, consistency in the rules, ways of mutual communication.

Different ideas were expressed, but everybody pointed out the necessity of this kind of meeting where the athletes can share their opinions.

The ESC President Vladimir Lisin and the ESC Secretary General Alexander Ratner joined in with answering some of the questions.

Shooting at the 2022 Commonwealth Games

Hamish McInnes, CEO of the British Shooting, came to Györ to discuss with Vladimir Lisin, who is also the ISSF Vice-President, the possible steps that the shooting community has to undertake in order to force the organizers of the 2022 Commonwealth Games to include shooting in their program.

Though there are not so many ESC Member Federations which countries form part of the Commonwealth, it was accentuated the importance of being shooting part of the Commonwealth Games - as a big multi sport and multinational event - program.

Certain concrete actions have been determined.

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