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Tiny and slight Miroslava Mincheva was strongest in 25m Pistol Women Junior

In 25m Pistol Women Junior Bulgarian Miroslava Mincheva was probably the slightest but finally the strongest in the final. She beat Czech Anna Dedova with result 33-30. Gold for Mincheva, silver to Dedova. The bronze won Hungarian Veronika Major (25), who also shoots Running Target.

“I really don’t know where I’m and what I have done. The final were exciting and hard, you have to concentrate all the time, but it I’m so happy. At the moment I haven’t plan anything special, but looking forward to the future of course I would like go Tokyo Olympic Games. I’m only 17 at the moment and I have still a long journey to go”, said the smiling Champion who loves biking and fishing with her father.

The winner of the team competition was Italy with result of 1705. The Italian team consisted of Rebecca Lesti (578), Giulia Gampostrini (566) and Maria Varricchio (561). Italy beat team of Hungary with twelve points. Hungarian silver result was 1693. Bronze medal won Russia (1680).

Risto Aarrekivi

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