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Act two

The guys decided not to give in to the girls.

In the Bronze Medal Match Vladyslav Medushevskyi, Oleksii Tsion, and Timur Pidhornyi from Ukraine met Sondre Risan Haltvik, Kristoffer Helgøy Henriksen, and Hans Wang Nøstvold from Norway. Like in Girls’ event, Ukrainian Team started collecting points and took the lead with 9-3. But later the score has been equaled to 10-10. Moreover, Norwegians managed to make it 10-14! But later there was another tie: 15-15! Team Ukraine took Bronzes with 17-15.

Stanisław Franciszeh Nowosadko, Iván Rakitski, and Tomasz Jędraszczyk from Poland competed against Fiete Kühn, Leonhard Ernst Wolfgang Kunzlmann, and Tim Krauzpaul from Germany in the Gold Medal Match. This time it was pretty quickly and quite easily: 16-2 in favor of Poles.


Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

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