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Anna Korakaki made it again – European Championship

Anna Korakaki, multi-medalist who has seen nearly everything during her carrier, made it again. She didn’t give up at any moment when silver medalist Camile Jedrzejewski made good hits.

When the Gold match was in half way, Jedrzejewski was leading. Then Korakaki won two next shots and took the lead. Both athletes shot next 10.2 – one point each. Next shot to Camile, but the next again to Korakaki. Camile tried again and was leading, but in the next shot Korakaki took the points 14-14. In the last shot Camile shot 9.0 and Anna 9.8, she won the Championship. Tear of joy were falling over all faces of the medalists.

- When I heard the announcer of the quota place, the joy full filled me. I perhaps lost a little my concentration, but then I said to me that this not all. I have to finish this Championship also for medal and I did. What a great day, sighed 20 years young Camile.
Bronze medal winner was Elmira Karapetyan (ARM). The quota places to Paris Christina Moschi Greece (4th) and Camile Jedrzejewski France (2nd).

The Quota places to 2023 European Games went to Zorana Arunovic (SRB), Elmira Karapetyan (ARM), Sevval Ilayda Tarhan (TUR), Christina Moschi (GRE), Sara Costantino (ITA), Sylvia Steiner AUT), Zsofia Csonka (HUN), Sonia Franquet (ESP), Veronika Schejbalova (CZE), Miroslava Mincheva( BUL), Celine Coberville (FRA) and Polina Kolesnikova (UKR).
Bres (POL), Korakaki (GRE), Major (HUN), Jedrzejewski (FRA), Kostevych (UKR) and Kostandinova (BUL) had earned European Games place already before.

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Videos can be found here.

Risto Aarrekivi

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