Appointment of Jury Members for the European Championships 2015

07 July 2014 — Views: 370

Appointment of Jury Members for the European Championships 2015

All ESC Member Federations are invited to nominate Jury members for the European Championships to be held in 2015.

•     10 m in Arnhem/Netherlands 2nd – 8th March 2015

•     25,   50   and   300m   Rifle   and   Pistol,   50m   Running   Target   and   Shotgun   in Maribor/Slovenia 19th July – 2nd August 2015

According to the ESC General Regulations each Jury must consist of a Chairman and two to five members (a Chairman and three to seven for Shotgun) including one member from the Organising Federation.

According to the Guidelines for the ESC Technical Committee the Jury Chairman (or one member) must be appointed from the Technical Committee. In the rifle, pistol and running target juries, at least one (1) member of the jury must be a non-ESC-committee member. In the shotgun jury at least two (2) members of the jury must be non-ESC-committee members.

A maximum of two judges may be nominated for the shotgun discipline and a maximum of  five  judges   may  be  nominated  for  the  rifle/pistol/running target/classification disciplines from each Member Federation.

Please inform  us  on  the  Application  Form  if  your  Federation  is  prepared  to  send  the nominated judge as an extra Jury Member at your own expense (to gain experience), in case she/he is not selected.

Please fill in the Application Form and send it to the ESC Secretariat at

Deadline for the application is 22nd September 2014.

The ESC Presidium will appoint the Jury Members in October 2014.

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