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Armenian Gor Khachatryan surprised by winning gold after shoot offs in 10mm Running Target Mixed Men Junior

Armenian Gor Khachatryan made a small surprise by winning the 10mm Running Target Mixed Men Junior competition today in Wroclaw.

His victory was not the easiest one while he and silver medalist Ukrainian Denys Babliuk shot the same result 382. They had the same number of inner tens (11) too – so it was needed a shoot off. Armenian Gor Khachatryan kept his concentration better. Gor Khachatryan finally won the shoot off 18+18+20 instead of Babliuk’s 18+18+14.

The winner of bronze medal was Swedish Andreas Bergstroem with result 373.

In the team competition Ukraine was the winner of the gold medal with result of 1119. The beat Sweden with the difference of 11 points(1108). The bronze medal winner team was Finland (1080). The Ukrainian team consisted of Denys Babliuk (192+190), Danylo Danilenko (187+185) and Andrii Drachuk (182+183).

Ukrainian Marharyta Tarkanii ruled the 10m Running Target Mixed Women Junior

Ukrainian junior athletes will follow the adult’s legacy and merits in Running Target shooting. The winner of the 10m Running Target Mixed Women Junior was Ukrainian Marharyta Tarkanii, whose victory was superior in the 10m Running Target Mixed Women Junior competition. She made the result of 370 and beat Russian Kristina Zholudeva with 11 points. The bronze medalist was Ukrainian too, Anastasiia Zhuchenko with result 356. Among the six best athletes, there were all three Ukrainian athletes!

The streaming schedule can be found here.

Results can be found here.

Photos can be found here.

Risto Aarrekivi

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